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Rabbits and Eggs (what's the connection?)

Everyone knows that rabbits don't really lay eggs. So what's the connection?

Well as the rabbits were exploring they needed to create coded messages both to remind themselves upon their return, which were the best routes, as well as to let other rabbits know they had been there and what they had found.
Its not clear whether our adventurous friends bartered with chickens, or stole the eggs, (though this seems unlikely). But they began marking eggs to pass along their findings. As we now think of it, when you find a colored egg, you pick it up and add it to your basket. So it's unlikely that there are any traces of the original eggs, nor their significance. You might ask why they didn't just use their prolific bunny droppings, but as you should eventually realize, this would be hard to discriminate from random droppings. Never mind confusion from deer and other herbivores.

But through my discussion with my sources and trying to fill in the gaps, I've developed a theory. Mind you, these clever bunnies used plants, roots, and vegetables to dye and color their eggs, much as we do now.

Until original eggs are found, there's probably no way to prove or disprove this. Their system involved starting with primary colors red, yellow and blue.

  • A red egg was a sign of warning, possibly danger ahead.
  • A blue egg indicates a new trail
  • and a golden yellow egg, which was rare indicated the best trail yet.
So what happens when you find an orange egg. Well it could either mean that the trail would be great (yellow) but they added red to indicate that there are problems to overcome first. Or that it was originally painted red (for danger) but when they added yellow it meant, it was one of the better trails (though probably still dangerous).
A purple egg (red on blue OR blue on red) might have indicated a new trail that they were forced to try in spite of the lurking dangers. In all probability it was a trail best avoided.
And a green egg (blue on yellow or vice versa) would simply mean a new trail that held great promise.

Well, as I mentioned before, once the comings and goings of ships became quite common, there was little reason to warn one another, so the meanings started to get lost. But as it turned out, the East Pole is probably one of the most beautiful spots on earth to watch the sun rise. After all, no where else does it rise any earlier. And what better time of year than at the time when day and night were nearly equal than to celebrate the discovery of the East Pole, by coloring eggs and leaving them to help other bunnies make their pilgimage.

If you find eggs that are spotted or have other markings, there's a good chance that these are actually decoy eggs. Left to confuse humans so that they'll miss the existence of the East Pole.

Click here if you want to see some rabbits who prefer to explore in pairs.

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