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Tales From the East Pole (contd.)

©R. Newman 2001

I've outlined what little I know about East Rabbits, the East Pole, and egg codes.
Maybe you've had your ear to the ground and have heard other stories. My purpose
in presenting these stories is both to entertain and to generate moneys to help the
House Rabbit Connection to foster and save abandoned pet bunnies.

If you'd like me to add your stories, artwork, webdesign or other,
(and you'll retain full copyright on your additions) then contact us

If you'd like to know more about The House Rabbit Connection
and how you can contribute in other ways,
Click here for suggested ways to help.

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East Rabbit
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Team Pics Ideas & Suggestions???
The House Rabbit Connection - rabbit rescue in western MA & CT
"JOY" - Bunnies binky to the music
Bunny Homes & Gardens
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