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Chorus: (refrain) Funny how the little details
We hold the closest.

Milestones ©1997 Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

Stepping Stones, Milestones in my life
Certain things grow precious
Your arm flung across me at night
Line dried sheet-smell freshness

Funny how the little details
We hold the closest.

Owl howl, cricket call, Montrealer sings
Sound seeps through sleep-fog-thickness
Stare soon from quilt cocoon my mother made
Wondering at all those stitches

Funny ...
t's the ordinary stuff and the daily routines
That surprise us and come to mean the most
We'll be pigging out on mooshu, endless "crazy eights" games
I know we'll make some cool and loony ghosts

Phone notes, envelopes, your written recipes
All kept to keep you near to me
How rhythmic your penmanship's even slant
Each "n" is formed so clearly

Funny ...

Plastic pitcher and the mixer that she used
To make that powdered milk with the yucky taste
We drank it just to please her 'cause she told us to
Though it's exactly the kind us kids used to hate

Funny ...
It's the ordinary stuff ...

Stepping stones, milestones in my life - certain things grow precious

Genre: rock, pop, easy listening, kids/family, alternative, ac (adult contemporary)

(note to a&r: Genre is strictly speaking a subset of performance, not lyric and melody. So if you are looking for material to cover, consider searching all genres ... then interpret it in your genre)

Mood: upbeat, with a slight melancholy undertone

About the Song
Title: Milestones
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Year:© 1997

About the Recording
Title: Milestones
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Year:© 1997
Pro: BMI
Published: Tubeman CD
Artist: TagYerit with Flo (guitars, vocals) Rich (bass) w/ Fred Hazelton (drums)
Producer: Ed Vadas
Recorded: Greg Steele (engineer) at Derek Studios - Dalton, MA
Mastered: Northeastern Digital Southborough, MA
Review quotes: Megan MeGehee (GoGirlsMusic.com)"2001 Hit Picks: Tubeman and Milestones"

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