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Connections - they last so long
Seems like - they're superglue strong
These ties that bind - I think we'll find
They continue on and on ...

Connections © 1999 Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

I feel you - I know you're always with me

He wore a thin-veiled disguise - nice eagle suit
DragonfIy nearby and I know it's you
When that deer turned to stare
Me in the eyes - I could recognize

Connections - they last so long
Seems like - they're superglue strong
These ties that bind - I think we'll find
They continue on and on ...

When the sky takes my breath away
It's your heavenly crayon play
Stuns me more than the 64
Quite the array - you still can make my day

Connections ...

Some small part of me will always be a part of you
Some small part of you I swear it stays inside of me

Sleepless, restless father walks the house
Finds your best CDs and pulls them out.
Again he seeks to reach that deep place
And be touched by songs you loved so much

Connections ...

As priest prays at your grave good-bye
A hawk takes off - it's soaring high
Now all can see how you're finally free
Strength to your wings though these tears still sting


Genre: lilting latin beat, starts slow and ethereal and then becomes danceable ... rock, pop, easy listening, kids/family, alternative, ac (adult contemporary) latin rhythm

Mood: upbeat, with a slight melancholy undertone

About the Song:
Description: Dealing with the loss of a loved one. The actual physical loss is so completely overwhelming until one finally comes to the joyful realization that these strong deep bonds we have made - truly continue onward ... The song is based on personal observations of the almost-magical phenomena that the songwriters experienced during several of the harder farewells that they have faced. Sometimes it seems that animal messengers come to tell us that our loved ones are nearby, but just beyond our reach.

Title: Connections
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman

About the Recording:
Title: Connections
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Pro: BMI
Published: on TagYerit's CD "Tubeman"
Artist: TagYerit with Flo (guitars, vocals) Rich (bass) Fred Hazelton(drums)
Producer: Ed Vadas
Recorded: Greg Steele (engineer) at Derek Studios - Dalton, MA
Mastered: Northeastern Digital Southborough, MA

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Keywords: personal emotional connection loss memory relationship funeral mourning soul wrenching  heaven sent totem

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