"Amelia & All That Is" by R&F Newman (BMI)

a.k.a. The Great Unfolding

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Chorus: (refrain)
Seems like everyone's breath is holding
Waiting, waiting for the Great Unfolding

Amelia & All That Is © 1995 Rich & Flo Newman (BMI)

Around the quiet islands of snow
Could it be I see the green start to show
I surprised a secret slender sprout
Hiding under an iced-in brick that I pulled out

Seems like everyone's breath is holding
Waiting, waiting for the Great Unfolding

Its freezing but as I look around
Red clover is pushing up through the ground
Tiny new leaves in packages done so precise
Unfolding origami when it's time to capture light

Seems like...

Tiny spirals to huge feather fans
Fiddleheads to ferns
Shades of brown to 'Emerald City'
I just blinked, the scene had turned

How many years have passed that I failed to see
The early stages of this meadow mystery
Like purple cigars that are rolled up really tight
Turn to blooming violets almost overnight
Each bud is a whole pollen package store
Sitting right there hoping
Some thirsty bee is first in line
when it comes the time to open

Seems like...

Thought I heard Tweet minor for half a sec
Are the blueprints being drawn
Those brilliant flying architects
Just labor on and on

So you'll see me on the ground with my head bent real low
Not 'cause I'm feeling down or got no place to go
I'm just moving in close for the bestest best of shows
Taking my seat in the very front row

Waiting waiting for the Great Unfolding

Seems like everyone's breath is holding

Genre: slow, melodic, optimistic, sweet, dreamy, folksy, ballad, rock, pop, easy listening, kids/family, alternative, ac (adult contemporary)

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Mood: Adagio

About the Song:
A song for the first moment of spring.
This song was inspired by watching our rabbit Amelia exploring and discovering new buds in late winter / early spring. When we let our pet house rabbits out in our yard (always supervised), we started to notice what green plants they would choose. She was the catalyst who made us look really closely at the plant life in our yard. A song about very early spring - when new plant shoots are barely distinguishable from each other - each leaf and flower in various stages as it unfolds. The real discovery is that, no matter the scientific nature of it all, watching the unfolding of these origami sculptures, is absolutely magical. It's refreshing to spend a quiet contemplative moment meditating on the botanical world within the chaos of daily life.

Title: Amelia & All That Is
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman

About the Recording :
Title: Amelia & All That Is
Author(s):Richard & FloraLee Newman
Pro: BMI
Published: on TagYerit's CD "Heavy Construction"
Artist: TagYerit with Flo (guitars, vocals) Rich (bass) Patrick Lavery (drums)
Producer: Ed Vadas
Recorded: Greg Steele (engineer) at Derek Studios - Dalton, MA
Mastered: Northeastern Digital Southborough, MA
Review quotes: Music Street Journal - "This is straightforward rock and roll meets Blondie."

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Keywords: being eyewitness to regular seasonal spring creation, dreamy quality, botanical, awakening zen knowing one with everything grok understanding perspective, airy, nature, creator, creation, growing sprouting

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