Gadgetrees (Not Trees) & Holiday Gift Ideas

What is it about the winter holidays that inspires us to learn new crafts? We've picked up many skills and dropped a few along the way. Our ventures into stained glass were a failure and I've never sat at a pottery wheel. But you start with any idea and each time you stretch your skills a little more beyond your abilities. Antiquing is also a great way of getting ideas, learning something new, or picking up something to adapt to along the way.

No, this is not the place to find unique gifts. This is the place to find new ways to enjoy the holidays. Well maybe 'enjoy' is too strong a word for people like us who get carried away. We've never done this to make money. At one point an amazed friend said, "You guys should start a business and call it Stupid Things Made To Order"

So here then to help you through the chilly winter blues …

Click on this Record Tree thumbnail to check out some Gadgetrees

As close to a traditional tree as we ever got. This lemon tree, started from a seed, served as our holiday tree for 5+ years.
Living tree Living tree

A few of the silly gifts we've made over the years
Everyone likes gifts Santa awaits his paint. Santa! He's ready. The result The inspiration!
Jungle animal bench Limber Jack made from old tool handles Memory pillow Needlepoint of the Quimper works Toes of the World Unite pillow Teddy Bear pin bunny snow sculptureTo get a sense of scale, it looks like our snow rabbit is about to swallow the last of the picnic bench behind him.

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