Mary Shelley: Author of 'Frankenstein' Mary Shelley, Cloned Author of 'Frankenstein'

"Dreading Armageddon" - Clones and Mutations

Whether you like it or not, by the time you read this, someone may have already cloned a human being . Maybe it will be in the news. Maybe it will be a secret. What's missing is a dialogue. Where's the public input in policy making? Are you for it or against it? The songwriting team of TagYerit are split on it. The result is their song Dreading Armageddon, which humorously delves into some of the fears and hopes of science, fiction and prophecy.

About these pictures .... Each pair of pictures starts with the original. The second one is a clone generated when this page loads. But we've programmed in 2 simple variables that just may distort the image. You might imagine that the world needs another Einstein or Mother Theresa. What happens when some tiny variable, whether it be in the birthing, the climate, environment , education, upbringing or other factor intervenes? Maybe the result will be an improvement. ... This time!!! Anyway, after comparing the 2 pics, vote in the survey to leave your opinion. To see different clones hit your browser's 'Refresh' button (or on your keyboard try 'Ctrl R' or F5). Oh yeah they're pictures of Mary Shelley ("Frankenstein" ) & Gregor Mendel (Father of Genetics)

Gregor Mendel: Father of Genetics Gregor Mendel: Cloned Father of Genetics

Tell your friends to come vote. If enough people vote, it might just be worth passing this on to our politicians. (This page was installed on June 15th, 2001. Over 500 votes tallied by Jan, 2005)
Why you don't want to vote more than once .... You're sitting there thinking that you can influence the outcome of this poll by re-voting. ... Instead of creating a clear mandate, you are instead hiding the truth ...   If there are 100 votes and you vote yes 50 times the results may say that 62 people agree with you, and only 38 disagree ... But what you've really done, is to fool yourself and others into thinking that you have a clear majority for your side. Won't you look silly when such an issue hits the polling booth and instead you've lost, 38 to 13. (the number of people that actually voted in this hypothetical situation) Instead it's better to know what you're up against.

Maybe, cloning is inevitable. But no one has yet asked YOU. This poll is for information and entertainment purposes only. Still if enough people weigh in, it might be worth publishing (publicising) the results.

1)What is your gender? Male Female Rather not say
2)Do you think that humans should be cloned? Yes No Unsure
3) Should human cloning be allowed if it becomes safe?
Scientists did not anounce the success of Dolly, until she was 7 months old. She was the 278th cloning attempt . (98% of cloned animal embryos either don't survive, or are born with defects.) This percentage rate will improve.
Yes No Unsure
4) Do you think someone is trying to clone a human now? Yes No Unsure
5) Do you think a human has already been cloned in secret? Yes No Unsure
6) Do you see cloning as an ethical issue or a medical issue? Ethical Medical Unsure
7) Do you believe that cloning goes against your religious beliefs? Yes No Unsure
8) Do you believe that life is created as a gift of love or as a mechanical process? Gift Mechanics Unsure
9) Do you see cloning as a viable alternative for infertile couples? Yes No Unsure
10) Do you think people will use cloning to create 'designer' babies? Yes No Unsure
11) Endangered?
Human cloning aside - scientists are intrigued at the potential to undo certain ecological damage, by cloning endangered species.
Agree Disagree Unsure
E-Mail Address - Strictly confidential -(enter it only if you'd like to learn the final results)
Other interesting information ... identical DNA does not mean identical people. Fingerprints, even from twins are unique.

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original cloned pic

"Dreading Armageddon" - a song by R & F Newman © 1997
                       Dreading Armageddon         
March of the Clones ...       
Yeah I remember when they took that picture 
That's you on the right always looking to the light 
And since the photo has some depth, now you can see me on the left 
And sense that I'm the one who's dreading  Armageddon  
	Nostradamus - hints at what's supposed to harm us.   
	You say it's interpretation mess  
	Who can figure out a thing he says - Nostradamus 
Just another gorgeous day - the kind that chases blues away 
We hike the trails to see what's growing - speak of friends named Michael Cohen 
Still I wouldn't dare have fun while dreading Armageddon 
            CIones and mutations  - could steal the United  Nations  
	You say I'm reading way too much sci-fi  
	You’d hate to be the one inside my mind - clones and mutations  
“Que sera - what'll be will be”, sez you - as I scream, “There'll be no trees!” 
And what about all those kids and kittens - will all that's cute be all that’s smitten 
In the hell that's sure to come -  aren't  you dreading Armageddon? 
           Toxic waste in leaky casks - you say most life forms can adapt.  
	I find your optimistic  outlook weird  
	And keep on canning fruit so we'll be prepared  - Radiation 
Impending doom stuck in my head - if we don't change - Earth will be dead 
There'll be no place to run and hide and it’ll suck to be alive 
Kick ourselves,  we’re so damn dumb 
For sparking Armageddon - starting Armageddon 

            Crazed anti-christ, who's full of hate, will be revealed - Oy, it’s too late! 
            And will their weapons all be set on stun   
	You’re stunned how skewed I view these predictions -  megalomaniac 
Yeah, I remember when they took that picture 
That's you on the right always looking to the light 
And you don't have to get too near to see who's paralyzed with fear 
Yeah, I admit that I’m the one who's dreading Armageddon  ... 


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