Trick or Treat Trials




Two little kids anticipating the very best night of the year -
the excitement, the costumes, the chocolate! Meticulously planning and plotting . . .
the goal? Mountains of candy!
Then . . . the mysterious disappearance of their stockpile
A song by TagYerit

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"The Trick or Treat Trials" (Sylvie)


Now there's one kind of geography we absolutely adored
We studied every inch of that Candyland board
Sylvie & me we sneaka the treats
Licka the lollipop go for the sweet
Sylvie & me we licka the treats
Licka the lollipop - Tell us our teeth will rot - Sylvie & me
Ruled by Queen Chocolate
We crave an endless huge stock of it
The focus of our world is the trick or treat
We be planning our route for weeks and weeks
Planning our route for weeks

Sylvie . . .

Sketching maps in the margins of our school notes
Seeking Streets where the houses are clustered close
Decorate a pillowcase - capacity is huge
Paint our faces cause a mask could obstruct our view
Every detail is discussed, our disguises must
hang just the right length, not to trip us up
Sun sets - the most magic of moments looms
Two witches in sneakers fly by without

Two small witches running fast as a flash
Zigzagging the streets - amassing a stash
Till we dump it all out on the living room floor
Tasting, trading, countin’
Till the moms hide our hordes
Pleading for just one more, just one more

Sylvie ...

The next week is a story of “Spy vs. Spy”
We desperately seek - Moms ruthlessly hide
We're climbing the cabinets - scaling the fridge
Peek in the pantry - Where's that good stuff hid
Seems the contents of our stash - too rapidly sinks
We're starting to suspect that something might stink
something definitely smells

The Creature from the black lagoon as Gene Kelly Years later one mom's laughing confession
Confirmed just what we'd been suspecting
  She'd taken our treasure to the school where she taught
She used the dental defense to justify what she'd robbed
The other mom under further questioning said
"I simply threw it all out - thought you'd never guess" ...

They who witnessed the intricate plans we made
After all this time - we still felt so betrayed
Our shock was apparent - all faith bit the dust
If you can't trust your own Mom - Who the hell can you trust
Who can you trust? ... Sylvie and me

When you grow up in Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween's a BIG DEAL. If you also happen to be born on Halloween in Salem then ... well ... your birthday's guaranteed to be good! And that's how the star's aligned for TagYerit's songwriter, guitarist, vocalist Flo (Polansky) Newman. Every birthday cake had its orange frosting with its flying witch emblazoned across the icing.

The trick or treating through Salem's neighborhoods was primo and sometimes ... besides the much coveted candy, some neighbors also stuffed little birthday presents in her treat bag. As soon as the sun set ... the race was on ... and it was serious!

And Salem itself? There wasn't a Dairy Queen ice cream stand - it was the "Dairy Witch". There were businesses with names like "Witch City Motors" and even the football team is "The Salem Witches" (theme song "We are the witches, the mighty mighty witches ...) and so forth. All this on top of the field trips to all of Salem,'s historical sights including the actual Court House where Judge Hathorne (Nathaniel Hawthorne's great uncle) passed the hideously skewed and tragic judgements during the Salem witch trials. And the ominously named Gallows Hill always spooked us kids out.

All these things converged to also inspire Flo along with husband Rich to become prolific pumpkin carvers. Some of their pumpkins can be seen framing the song lyrics here. So hope you'll give a listen to this story song of some of Flo's Halloween adventures in Salem.